Top 12 Products to Surviving Postpartum Pains & Healing Down There

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You just had or are about to have a baby - CONGRATS. It's one of the greatest joys in life butttt hold up no one told me that I would be coming home in diapers too?!?!?

I was kind of so surprised about the aftermath of postpartum healing. Like woahhhhh.

It's intense!

You will be very sore.
You will bleed a lot and for weeks.
You may have stitches down there. (1 had a 3rd degree tear - yikessss)

I have only ever had a vaginal birth (so far at least and I am so immature that I giggled when I typed vaginal 😂) so I can only speak to that kind of experience and healing!

It's not as scary as it sounds, I think I just wasn't as informed about the process after birth as I would have liked. I am going to share here my TOP 12 products that made the healing process much easier so I had more time with my precious family. I would have these on hand if you are planning on having a vaginal birth. Included all the links below!

1. A Cleansing or Peri Bottle 

Most likely they will give this to you at your hospital or birthing center. It's so you can wash off down there because trust me you will want/need to.

2. MEGA Pads

Wherever you give birth they will most likely send you home with a few and if they don't ASK but you will also need some at home. I really underestimated the bleeding postpartum. Think like your heaviest period day times x 4. 

3. Tucks Hemorrhoid Pads

These were a lifesaver for me. At the end of pregnancy hemorrhoids started showing up (these were a life saver then too) but man after an hour and half of pushing a baby out - well it they got worse to put it nicely. I would just lay them on top of my pad under my bum and it was heaven.

4. Comfy Lighter Pads

Eventually you start to bleed less and don't need the bigger and bulkier pads. I don't know about you but I hadn't worn a pad since about 7th grade and forgot how uncomfortable they can be. So I was on the hunt for something more comfortable! I really liked this brand and how light but also absorbent they were. If you didn't know you will bleed for up to six weeks or so postpartum. So comfy pad options are a MUST.

My bleeding stopped about 3 weeks PP and then I was so lucky to start bleeding again 6 weeks postpartum, I was worried but it was just my period. BOO, even though I was exclusively breastfeeding. <----BLAH! Not fair haha. So be prepared for that too because tampons still scared me at that point! ;) 

5. Clary Sage Essential Oil 

I honestly wish I would have been better about using oils PP but I wasn't the best. However, I noticed when I did use my clary sage oil I felt a lot more balanced and had far less night sweats the first few weeks PP. Your body is on a hormonal rollercoaster after birth, so it was nice have something that helped balanced me out. It also helped with after birth pains of my uterus contracting. I also use this oil every month when my period comes around too and it's really helpful. I just apply it on my lower abdomen (where your ovaries are!) and my ankle bones with a carrier oil.


6. Men's Underwear

OR you could use some big ole granny panties. They are bigger, cover more surface area and you can throw them out when you are done. I went and bought some cheap mens underwear after I came home from the hospital and ran out of the gauze type ones that they give you. It was one of the best tips I can pass along because I just wasn't into wearing actual diapers haha.

7. Perineal Ice Pack

So I actually didn't use these at home but I WILL be buying some to use next time because it was the best relief for tearing, hemorrhoids and swelling. One thing no one directly told me was that I would be swollen down there. At home I tried to use those padsicles but I just didn't like them for some reason!

8. Honest Nipple Balm

In case all the healing down there wasn't enough, there is also the associated pain that comes with breast feeding. I really loved the Honest nipple balm to keep my nipples hydrated between feedings and that it was all safe stuff that wouldn't harm me or my baby.

9. Soothie Gel Pads

These were so great the first few weeks of nursing. I popped them in the fridge so they were nice and cool and would let them sit in my bra for some relief in between nursing session if I needed it.

10. Pain Relief Spray

Honestly I didn't use this but in the hospital. I also didn't really think it made too much of a difference but some people swear by it so I wanted to include it.

11. Stool Softener

The pooing after delivery can be pretty scary but honestly it really isn't bad if you have this stuff. There is more fear in anticipation of it than anything!

12. Lube

YEP! I am going there. You will have sex again and man I wish more people would talk about sex postpartum because it can be scary if you aren't prepared. Usually you wait 6 weeks or so till you get the clear from your doctor or whenever you are ready. Go slow, use lube (especially if breastfeeding, your hormones can keep ya dry down there) and just communicate with your other half. Lube helps a whole lot and wine too. ;) I didn't find it painful personally. The best way I can describe it is it felt like a sunburn down there and after 2-3 times or so everything felt normal again.

I hope this was helpful. I really appreciate my friends who were SO transparent with me and gave me their best tips before delivery. Since I have so many sweet friends in this season, I wanted to create a resource that I could simply pass along. Do you have anything to add to the list? - comment below!

Step 1---> go to the store, load up and create a little postpartum basket. Step 2 ---> Grab your comfiest clothes, turn on Netflix and cuddle that bump or your sweet newborn babe.

It may be a messy, crazy and unexpected experience but it's also one of the best times of your life. Enjoy it and soak it up because each day that you are healing up, your baby is also growing up.

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  1. I ❤ you even more for this! I wore the silhouette diapers for 3 weeks after giving birth. I would dip pads in water, freeze them, then lay them in my diaper. #truestory

    I did sooo much post-partum research that nothing really caught me off guard, but it was a very long & uncomfortable journey. It was probably 5 weeks until I was back in regular underwear & cami-bras and 6 months before I really started feeling like myself again.

    1. Haha! YES! that is a good trick. I don't know why I couldn't bring myself to wear the diapers, I even bought some.

      It's a long healing process for sure. Crazy how our bodies can heal themselves from push a person out of our body!


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