Why Beachbody Coaches Quit

1:24 PM

3 day weekend and I am sitting at my desk. 

Not sure I have ever posted something like this and I regret not doing it sooner. 

Happy Memorial Day!!
My family is hanging out by the pool today and I chose to be at my desk. 

Before you think that's sad, let me explain. 

I get plenty of time with my family, heck we are a full time family who in fact can take as much time off as we want because the income we have created through coaching is passive - meaning I don't trade my time for money. 

I don't live for a 2 or 3 day weekend or time off of work. My work works around my life and not the other way around. 

I get to make the choice but know to get to where I have gotten it hasn't been an overnight success. There is no such thing.

It has taken small choices like deciding to "work" on a holiday or everyday on my lunch break or late night or early mornings that has equated to long term gradual success. 

It takes choosing the pain of discipline over the pain of regret. 

It's really easy and FUN to what I do as a coach but guess what, it's EASIER to not to do it. 

I just do it anyways. 🤘🏻

That's why you don't see more successful people running online business like Beachbody coaching. That's why only a small portion of coaches I have trained over 3 years have been successful and actually are out there creating freedom for their family. That's why you see people jump from company to company looking for an easier thing to move on to. 

Sticking it out and enduring the pain of discipline over regret and making small choices each day to move forward is the reason my family is able to live this life of freedom. 

You don't always see the sacrifice or the elbow grease someone has put in. It doesn't just magically work, you have to put in the work and quite honestly you have to sacrifice. 

I don't sacrifice my quality of life. I sacrifice how I use my time and ironically in doing that I have MORE time and freedom with my family. 

If you want what others have or want something different for yourself and your future family, decide what your are willing to sacrifice. 

TV time? Money on clothes/food out/subscriptions? Sleep? Fill in the blank. 

The weight of sacrifice weighs ounces but the weight of regret weighs tons. 

It's a choice. I want women who join my coaching team to understand this value and to believe in themselves enough to work towards their future self 3 years down the road. Small sacrifices along the way add up to BIG results. 

Short answer is that people quit because they choose to. They choose to not be disciplined.
Ounces > Tons

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