We Allow Feelings to Run Our Lives

12:53 PM

This gives me all the feels. πŸ˜

Feelings are good. 

Sometimes though we allow feelings to run our lives. 

A lot of times we really want to do something. We really want it, like so dang bad. We may even commit to it, purchase something, sign up, etc....

BUT we wait to start till we "feel" like it. Then we never do anything because feelings are fleeting. 

There were many days that when I decided to start my side business while I was working full time that I didn't feel like showing up. Simply because I was tired, busy, it was uncomfortable and I was scared that I would fail. 

Instead though I showed up each day and did the activities till I "felt" like doing them. 

If I would have waited till I felt like it, this picture wouldn't even have been possible. 

My husband wouldn't be home in his workshop while our son peeks in to say hi to his Daddy. 

There are still some days I don't feel like working, working out or working through something but now I have perspective of what it means to choose feelings over action. 

Don't wait till you feel like it. Go, start and do. 

What picture of your life do you want to take in 3 years?

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