It's been awhile - Pregnant AGAIN!

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It's been awhile! I have neglected my blog, it's true.. GAH but I wanted to update you in where I was at in my journey if you have stumbled upon my page.

I am PREGNANT again! YAY! :) I have about a month left in my second pregnancy and this time it's a...GIRL.

So exciting.

Truth is....I was terrified to get pregnant again and gain 40 pounds on top of weight (about 15 pounds) I still hadn’t lost through my first pregnancy. 

Literally T E R R I F I E D!

BUT then something kind of crazy happened. 

I got to be a part of this group to try out this new nutrition and food freedom program when I was about 15 weeks along. At this point I hadn’t gained any weight in my journey and just stopped throwing up everyday haha. 😂

It changed EVERYTHING.

My former enemy, the scale became my BFF and learning what my body loves (even in pregnancy) has been so so so empowering.

At 34 weeks pregnant with Burke I had gained 35 pounds. 😳

At 34 weeks with this babe I have gained 15 pounds of HEALTHY weight. 🙌🏻

I will basically round out this pregnancy the same weight as what I weighed when I had B. It’s like I get a do-over. 🤙🏻

Not that weight is THAT important but my body just would not respond to so so so many things I did postpartum.

NOW pregnant I am learning what it does love and how it does respond through simple nutrition practices that have kept me on track and feeling pretty amazing this entire pregnancy.

I have such a POSITIVE view of my body this pregnancy and I’m digging that.

The best part is I have been doin this with about 40 other women the last month and half and they are FINALLY feeling freedom and breakthroughs in their own journey.

Some not losing weight in years losing 10 pounds so far! Some 20! Little by little their mindsets have shifted around themselves and the way they consume food. It’s been incredible to be a part of!

I am always hosting a group through this nutrition course that is just a natural outflow of my life now. We have a lifetime group that you will be plugged into forever! ❤️

I am no longer terrified of my journey now or postpartum but only empowered and thankful for it.

I want you to be empowered by your health journey too and not have to restrict, fear or be frustrated in your weight loss, gain, maintain or emotional eating journey.

Let me walk you through the course and teach you everything I have learned over the last 4 months. ❤️

➡️Shoot me an email to learn more details HERE or watch my journey at my youtube playlist HERE

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