Will I keep working with two kids?

9:53 AM

4 years officially! 

I celebrated 4 years of this whole coach journey this year.

Many people ask me with baby #2 on the way if I will continue. 

To that I say, HECK YES.

First, it provides the majority of our families income.
Second, I get to work very part time in this phase of my life while getting paid a full time income.
Third, I LOVE what I do and the people I get to meet. Even if I didn’t get paid - I would still do it.

I started this journey 4 years ago sitting at my corporate desk, feeling like there had to be more useful things I could do with my time.

Soooo I finally stopped making fun of my friend who was a coach and reached out for more info.

I decided what the heck, the only investment was into my own health and getting healthy from home, so why not.

I started just working my business by sharing my personal journey on my lunch hour. That was maybe 5 hours a week and I kind of just fell in love with helping people all over the country.

About 6 month in I saw how I could possibly work just an hour extra a day and maybe even pay our rent each month.

Very quickly, month 9 to be exact, I matched my full time corporate career income.

Month 10, I left that job and was officially a stay at home dog mom and a work from home entrepreneur!

From there I have worked full time hours pre Burke to one hour a day during newborn life and now about 20ish hours a week.

It’ll change and look different again when Roan is born but I will find my rhythm in a new phase.


Passive income (income made while I am not actually working but does take time and consistency to build up) is something that if more people understood, I think they would choose the less traveled and sometimes emotional road of an avenue like this.

I know I would over and over again.

If you want to hear more of my story or more details about the time it takes. Check out my webinar below:

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