Hello Friend! Welcome to my little space on the internet ;). I like to say I am a Lionhearted girl striving to be more Fit[ish]. To be lionhearted means that I strive to be brave and courageous, constantly challenged,  learning and growing. Like a lion I want to fiercely fight for what I stand for. A Lionhearted girl never gives up on her dreams. While at the same time I am striving to be more Fit[ish]. Fit of course in health and fitness but also a more fit momma, wife, Christ follower and entrepreneur. Ish because we aren't perfect and I will constantly be growing, challenged and finding balance.

I share things here that I ADORE. Life, love, family, DIY, friends, food/nutrition, Jesus, marriage, motherhood and health/fitness. I also share about an opportunity that has changed my life FOREVER through Beachbody (online health/fitness coach) coaching and how I help women do what I do.

A little bit about me...

I am married to my prince charming, a God honoring man, a man that treats me like the Queen - Bryan.We were married on July 19th 2013. I am a fur mom first to our big and wild retired racing greyhound, King. Our family grew a little bigger on June 28th 2016 when we welcomed our son Burke into the world.

We were born and raised in Florida by the west coast. We now reside in the amazing city of Tampa. A city full of ethnicity, culture, FANTASTIC food, beautiful parks and old homes. We are currently restoring/renovating our first home - a 1930's bungalow.

Our family has many adventures, passions, excitement and mundaneness (is that a word?). Follow it all here. 

Love you guys!


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